Maintenance at Springfield House

Maintenance Work at Springfield House

With six guest bedrooms, a day room, two sitting rooms and dining room – not mention all the ‘behind the scenes’ areas and offices for Whitehaven Trust, Springfield House is a large building.  Keeping it in good condition is vital to the comfort and security of our guests, visitors and staff. 

Between November 2019 and March 2020 we had some significant building work completed.

Firstly, the roof was renewed.  Every tile was lifted and the felt underneath replaced.  Most of the tiles were in good condition and could be reused – a saving for our budget and the environment.

If you’ve visited Springfield House, you’ll know that we have beautiful gardens.  We have lawns that appear to flow into the field beyond. 

We have flowers that give colour from early Spring to late autumn. 

We have sheltered seating areas. 

What we didn’t have was a straightforward way of getting from the front garden to the back. 

That too was remedied last winter when a new access path was created at the side of the building.

Transforming this

into this.

And greatly improving the drainage on that side of the building.

Whitehaven Trust is extremely grateful to the donors who made this work possible.