About Us

About The Trust

Whitehaven Trust is a registered charity run by a Board of Trustees.  They are backed by a group of Company Members who give their support to the trustees and from whom new Board members may be selected.

The Trust employs an Administrator / Company Secretary, Christian Science Nursing Manager and Christian Science Nurses, including several listed in The Christian Science Journal and several in training.

Are you a Christian Scientist who would like to support Whitehaven Trust and its activities?

If so, would you consider becoming a Company Member? The members are the bedrock of our support.  Currently we have around twenty company members and would like a few more to expand our support base.

If you would like Give Your Experience by becoming a Company Member, please see our Giving page or email mail@whitehaventrust.co.uk


Some History

Photo of Whitehaven: the original building in Bathford, Bath

Whitehaven opened as a Christian Science nursing facility in 1953 and continued its healing mission as a facility through to 2007, caring for hundreds of patients and employing and training many well loved Christian Science nurses, and other members of staff. The new facility at Springfield House was able to continue this healing mission on a smaller scale until 2020.